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Key Facts:

  • launched in 2007
  • qualified and committed engineers and aircraft designers with hands-on industry experience since 1967;
  • combines the strengths of Russia's leading aerospace industry companies and scientific research institutions (TsAGI, EMBP named after V.M.Myasishev, OOO NIK etc);
  • conveniently headquartered in the hub of Russia's aerospace design and engineering:
    140180, ul. Energheticheskaya, 7, office 42, Zhukovsky, Moscow Area
    phone/fax: +7 (496) 481-09-48
    phone/fax: +7 (496) 481-05-16

Company products:

  • The "Gyros-1" ("Farmer") was designed as a platform for a family of utility transport with a focus on safety and low operating costs.
  • The "Gyros-2" ("Smartflier") is our latest development. Based on the same tractor propeller design concept, this machine features a significantly larger cockpit which is spacious enough to hold a pilot and a passenger comfortably.

    Gyroplanes can be useful for special issues, rescue service, forest patrol, fire control operations, civil air patrol coastal patrol, highways and overwater patrol, power patrol operations.

  • "Gerris" - is a light and high mobile amphibious vehicle with upgraded consumer properties.
    Hovercraft can be used by ministries and departments of forest and fishery resources in national parks and protected areas, ministry of emergency management during disaster relief operations. The vehicle can be useful for geologists, and specialists working for other departments. As a special use vehicle, "Gerris" can be used for extreme tourism or high-speed sports competitions.

Our achievements:


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