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Gyros-2 (Smartflier) \ Overview

The double-placed Gyros-2 has a roomier cabin for better cockpit management and comfort, and generous cargo room behind the seats. The cabin could be equipped with forced air ventilation and cabin heat.

The cabin and engine of the Gyros-2 are completely enclosed, with removable doors and engine cowling, giving it all-weather capability, simplified maintenance, aerodynamic streamlining, added propeller efficiency and ef-fective protection of vital components. A flore modules removable cowl offer to installs the equipment for per-formance of special issues, extra fuel tanks and/or containers for chemicals.


  • The Farmer - for a personal farm;
  • The Courier - for service in outland areas; delivery of foodstuffs, medicines, mails, spare parts, etc.
  • The Patrol - patrolling of forest areas, highways and railway lines, water spaces, gas mains, electric systems (power lines), etc.; ecological, hydrometeorological monitoring; aerial photography;
  • The Rescue - for the decision of problems of special purpose, search and rescue operations;
  • The Geologist - exploration with installation of a special equipment;
  • The Air-taxi - performance of tourist and business-plan flights;
  • The Trainer - for pilots training.

Outstanding points:

  • More speed
  • Larger cabin space
  • Higher engine hp (190 HP) output
  • Fully enclosed all-weather capability
  • Independent steering

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