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Gerris \ Overview

Lightweight multipurpose hovercraft "Gerris" is a light and high mobile amphibious vehicle with upgraded consumer properties.


"Gerris" can be used by ministries and departments of forest and fishery resources in national parks and protected areas, ministry of emergency management during disaster relief operations. The vehicle can be useful for geologists, and specialists working for other departments. As a special use vehicle, "Gerris" can be used for extreme tourism or high-speed sports competitions.

"Gerris" can be used on cross-terrain or on water surface, and hard gravel surface within an entire range of climate conditions. The vehicle has unique amphibious qualities, which allow it to easily travel from water to low banks and continue travelling on terrain with the same speed.


When compared to analogous vehicles under the same payload, "Gerris" has the following benefits:

  • Lower weight, thus 30% lower cost
  • High maneuvrability, which leads to 40-80% higher safety;
  • Maximum travel speed higher by 50%; cruising speed is also 50% higher under fuel use equal to that of competitors' models;
  • Utilization of the hard frame construction provides higher level of safety;
  • Lower noise level and elimination of air flow to the ventilator in the cockpit;
  • Higher level of comfort; heating element and ventilation of the front window to prevent condensation;
  • Use of closed cabin increases the weight of the craft insignificantly, however use of fuel is decreased substantially, and the travel speed is significantly higher;
  • Soft perimeter makes the vehicle significantly safer, and allows the vehicle to tie to other boats;
  • Use of water cooled engine increases its service life by 50-100% compared to air cooled engines;
  • Higher turning seeds: 30-5-% higher than analogous amphibious vehicles of the same power under the same load.

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